Auditor General, Mr Gamini Herath, has submitted his annual report for the year 2018 to the Speaker of the National Assembly for tabling, as required under Article 158 (5) of the Constitution.

This is the third consecutive year the report has been submitted two months in advance of the statutory deadline, which normally falls in the month of December each year.

The main objective of submitting early reports to the National Assembly is to allow the members more time for reading, analysing and appreciating the information on the overall budget performance for 2018 and the mattes arising from the audit of individual public bodies.

Apart from commenting on the annual financial statements of the government for 2018, the reports brings out observations on 26 public bodies subjected to audit scrutiny during the period September 2018 to August 2019 known as audit cycle. During these audits, more emphasised was placed on examining the cycles relating to revenue collection and payments for goods and services across the government. Another essential part of the audit process is to follow up on the status of action taken by public bodies based on previous audit reports. The results of these follow-ups are now a standard feature in the annual report.

The report also updates the readers on the status of auditing the numerous statutory bodies whose mandate rests with the Auditor General.

I hope that the report will make an interesting reading material and go some way to enlighten the general public on the matters relating to public financial management in the country.

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