Mr. Kenneth Racombo, Principal Secretary in the Office of the Vice President, led the Seychelles delegation to the Extraordinary meeting of the COMESA Council of Ministers that took place on 5th April 2019 in Lusaka, Zambia. The Extraordinary Council was convened in an effort for member states to pronounce on a number of pertinent matters concerning the institution, in particular, the external auditing framework (COBEA) and the resultant audit report for 2017 and the report of the select committee thereon.

The Council of Ministers undertook a minute of silence in respect and remembrance of the late President France Albert Rene and other persons who have passed on since the beginning of the year.

As part of his deliberations to the meeting, PS Racombo intervened on the need to develop COMESA’s Blue Economy agenda as set within the COMESA Strategic Plan 2016-2020. The Seychelles delegation requested that COMESA facilitate a workshop to advocate and sensitize member states on the Blue Economy with the objective of devising concrete activities for the region.

The meeting, which was preceded by the Meeting of the COMESA Intergovernmental Committee from 3 to 4 April 2019, further managed to pave a way forward for upcoming engagements between the COMESA Secretariat, Member States and other International Cooperating Partners, ahead of the upcoming Ordinary Meeting of the COMESA Council of Ministers and the Summit of COMESA Heads of State and Government that are scheduled to take place in the latter part of the year.

Other members of the Seychelles delegation included Mr. Gamini Herath, Auditor General, Mr. Marco Larsen, Second Secretary in the Department of Foreign Affairs and COMESA Desk Officer, and Mr. Terry Rose, Second Secretary in the Seychelles High Commission in Pretoria.

After much deliberations and in the absence of all members of the COBEA, the external audit report of the COBEA was adopted as an internal management letter by the Council.

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