The Seychelles public sector is now equipped with the knowledge to prevent, detect and investigate frauds and corrupt practices. The applicable methodology and techniques drawn on from international good practices have been documented in a manual titled ‘Seychelles Public Sector Fraud Awareness and Forensic Audit Manual’. A copy of the manual was presented to President Danny Faure on Friday the 6th December by Auditor General, Mr. Gamini Herath. The manual is the final product of a six-week-long project undertaken by the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) with the financial assistance from the US Embassy in Mauritius under the FTIF. The project was undertaken during October and November with the participation of over 50 participants from several public entities, namely, Financial Intelligence Unit, Seychelles Revenue Commission, Financial Services Authority, Anti- Corruption Commission Seychelles, Internal Audit Division of Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprise Monitoring Commission.

The US Embassy appointed the project consultant and the project involved stakeholder need assessment and theoretical sessions followed by practical training and capacity building in respective public entities.

The Office of the Auditor General (OAG), which the Supreme audit institution (SAI) in the land, is guided by International Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) auditing standards. In the context of frauds and corruption, the relevant auditing standards provides that  "Auditors need to be alert for situations, control weaknesses, inadequacies in record keeping, errors and unusual transactions or results which could be indicative of fraud, improper or unlawful expenditure, unauthorised operations, waste, inefficiency or lack of probity." 

It is in this context that OAG has played a leading role in organising this much needed training intervention aimed at creating a greater fraud awareness in the public sector of Seychelles. Several public entities whose mandate involve either a regulatory, monitoring or an oversight function have benefited from this project. It was encouraging to note that all entities actively participated in various aspects of the project.

To be able to become more resilient in the prevention and detection of fraud, everyone needs to be more educated in detecting warning signs, or “red flags”, or even actual evidence of fraudulent activities. This manual will guide staff of various entities through a methodology for prevention, detention and investigation of fraudulent practices and corruption in the public sector.

The 200 copies of the manual will be distributed to members of Cabinet, members of the National Assembly and all public entities through their accounting officers.

On receiving a copy of the manual, President Danny Faure reiterated his unwavering support to fighting fraud and corruption and commended the efforts being made by various national institutions in furthering good governance, transparency and accountability citing “together we can stand strong against fraud and corruption”.


Picture source: OAG Seychelles/December 2019

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