The Office of the Auditor General was set up as body corporate as per the Auditor General Act, 2010. The OAG is an independent and autonomous body enjoying a high level of administrative and financial independence from the government. The OAG has recently adopted a new logo in keeping with its image, reputation and mission to the Seychellois nation. 

The logo (top) represents the five colours of the National flag, a magnifying glass and a tick mark in the O denoting the watch dog role of OAG, and a slogan ‘AUDITING FOR SEYCHELLES’, which not only signifies the mission of the office but also differentiates it from OAGs in other countries. 

The President of the Republic, Mr Danny Faure, unveiled the new logo in November 2017 during his visit to the OAG at the request of the Auditor General.  


Office of the Auditor General Seychelles

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