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AFROSAI-E 17th Technical Conference

The 17th Technical Conference, organized by the AFROSAI-E took place in Pretoria, South Africa over the period 18th to 20th October 2022. The conference was aimed at bringing together member countries and partners of the AFROSAI-E under the theme ‘connect’ to enable SAIs, partners and other stakeholders to engage in-person after more than 2 years of not being able to meet face-to-face due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Technical and financial partners of the AFROSAI-E such as INTOSAI, the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), the African Professionalization Initiative (API), the Norwegian SAI and Netherlands Court of Audit (NCA) shared more about the support they have provided to member-SAIs, new projects they are working on and how they intend to continue working and further assist our region. This was either through presentations during the conference itself or their exhibition booths.

The OAG Seychelles also participated in the exhibition where it showcased some of its products such as audit reports and the coastal audit video, the latter which was done in partnership with GIZ.

The presentations and discussions over the 3 days were primarily centered on the principles of INTOSAI-P 12 on the value and benefits of Supreme Audit Institutions. The sessions featured presentations and discussions over credibility and professionalization of SAIs, the future relevant auditors and audit-integration of the SDGs. New tools and materials developed by the AFROSAI-E were also presented.

SAI Leadership Masterclass

Auditor General, Mr. Herath, attended the IDI/INTOSAI Heads of SAIs Leadership Masterclasses in Rabat, Morocco. Several Auditors General from different regions attended the event representing different INTOSAI Chapters.

The resource persons included representatives from the World Bank, the former Spanish Minister of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, the former Swedish Central Bank and governor and the former executive director of the Nobel Foundation, the Director of the Fiscal Affairs Department at the IMF.

MASTERY is an IDI initiative aimed at empowering SAI leaders to effectively perform their leadership roles and so exert a greater impact within and beyond their SAIs. To this end, MASTERY will run a series of Masterclasses where Heads of SAIs will have the opportunity to share their experiences, acquire in-depth knowledge on key topics and learn from inter-acting with internationally renowned speakers in an inspiring and academic environment. Participants will also have the option to propose and get support to develop concrete actions to enhance their leadership.

Through participation in the Masterclass, SAI leaders will be able to (a) design approaches to make the SAI more inclusive; (b) establish inclusive human resources policies allowing staff to grow and increase the performance of the team; (c) Develop a more open and creative environment; and (d) make the SAI more responsive to external stakeholders’ expectations.

COVID-19 Relief Fund Report

Auditor General, Mr. Herath, presenting a copy of his opinion on the statement of accounts of the Covid-19 Relief Fund Account to Hon. Speaker, Mr. Mancienne. The Speaker thanked the Auditor General and his team for timely reports on various subject matters being submitted to the National Assembly despite constraints.

The Ministry of Finance prepared the statement of accounts under the Public Finance Management Regulations (S.I. 91 of 2022) and submitted to the Auditor General for auditing and expressing an opinion thereon. As the custodian of the Fund, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for the disseminating of the report or any information on the Fund.

Auditor General’s Report for 2020 submitted to the Speaker

Auditor General, Mr.Gamini Herath submitted his annual report for 2020 to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon.Roger Mancienne, as required under Article 158 of the Constitution. The Speaker is required to table the report in the National Assembly as per Section 21 (1) of the Auditor General Act, 2010.

The report bring out the findings arising from the audit of government accounts and various Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) undertaken during the previous audit cycle. In addition, included in the report is a special report on the audit of expenditure incurred by the Ministry of Health on the measures taken to prevent the spread of and minimize the impact of Covid-19 pandemic during 2020. 

This is the fifth consecutive year for which the report has been submitted before the end of December statutory deadline.  However, Auditor General feels that the report could have submitted little earlier had it not been for the impact of COVID-19 situation.

Auditor General presents WBSAIII Report to the President


In Seychelles

Saturday 28 August, 2021


Auditor-General Mr. Herath formerly presents report to President Ramkalawan

President Ramkalawan commends to the Auditor General’s office on their achievements

State House

President Ramkalawan commends to the Auditor General’s office on their achievements

28 August 2021 | Legal Affairs

President Wavel Ramkalawan yesterday formally received the ranking report issued by the World Bank whereby Seychelles has been ranked the highest in the world alongside South Africa, among 118 countries. The Report was presented to the President by the Auditor General, Mr Gamini Herath.