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SAI Leadership Masterclass

SAI Leadership Masterclass

Auditor General, Mr. Herath, attended the IDI/INTOSAI Heads of SAIs Leadership Masterclasses in Rabat, Morocco. Several Auditors General from different regions attended the event representing different INTOSAI Chapters.

The resource persons included representatives from the World Bank, the former Spanish Minister of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, the former Swedish Central Bank and governor and the former executive director of the Nobel Foundation, the Director of the Fiscal Affairs Department at the IMF.

MASTERY is an IDI initiative aimed at empowering SAI leaders to effectively perform their leadership roles and so exert a greater impact within and beyond their SAIs. To this end, MASTERY will run a series of Masterclasses where Heads of SAIs will have the opportunity to share their experiences, acquire in-depth knowledge on key topics and learn from inter-acting with internationally renowned speakers in an inspiring and academic environment. Participants will also have the option to propose and get support to develop concrete actions to enhance their leadership.

Through participation in the Masterclass, SAI leaders will be able to (a) design approaches to make the SAI more inclusive; (b) establish inclusive human resources policies allowing staff to grow and increase the performance of the team; (c) Develop a more open and creative environment; and (d) make the SAI more responsive to external stakeholders’ expectations.