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Office of the Auditor general seychelles


Two Delegates from the Office of the Auditor General Mrs Nathaniel Volcere (Director of Human Resource) and Mrs Wendy Zialor (Senior Auditor) attended a Management Development Programme (MDP) Training of Trainers Workshop, in Pretoria, South Africa from 27-29 November 2023.  

The workshop was hosted by AFROSAI-E.  The aim of this workshop was to establish a pool of MDP trainers to support AFROSAI-E in implementing the MDP programme in the region.  AFROSAI-E is committed to supporting and cooperating with its member SAIs to enhance their institutional capacity to successfully fulfil their audit mandates, thereby making a difference in the lives of citizens.  Through leadership and management development, it aspires to assist SAIs in aligning their plans, leaders/managers, systems and processes to improve the quality of their audit services and overall performance. Through the AFROSAI-E Management Development Programme (MDP), they aim to facilitate the development of exemplary, technically proficient and ethical leadership teams. 

This workshop was attended by (12) senior SAI officers who will become part of the pool of MDP trainers.