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Office of the Auditor general seychelles

Submission of Annual Report 2022

The report of the Auditor General for 2022 was recently submitted to the Speaker of the National Assembly as required by the Constitution and the Auditor General Act.

The report presents the results of my audit of the Annual Financial Statements (AFS) of the Government for 2022 and various other audits undertaken in the Ministries, Departments, Offices and Agencies (MDAs) subject to my audit. Also, included in the report is a special audit review of the management of the Cleaners’ Co-operative for the period 2020 to 2022, undertaken at the request of the Ministry of Finance. The report arising was submitted to the Minister for Finance in March this year.

The main objectives of this report are to:

  • draw the attention of the National Assembly, Government, accounting officers and other decision makers to matters arising from carrying out my oversight role as the Auditor General;
  • comment and provide information on various public finance management aspects and administrative issues;
  • highlight some recommendations for improvement in good governance, accountability and transparency in the public sector; and
  • provide an update on the status of remedial action taken by various MDAs based on previous audit reports.

These audits were completed during the audit cycle from September 2022 to August 2023. I am pleased to note that many matters raised in audit management letters issued to the Accounting Officers throughout the audit cycle, have been dealt with satisfactorily. However, some still remain to be addressed.